Developer Tea

Developer Tea

Developer Tea exists to help driven developers connect to their ultimate purpose and excel at their work so that they can positively impact the people they influence.

With over 13 million downloads to date, Developer Tea is a short podcast hosted by Jonathan Cutrell (@jcutrell), co-founder of Spec and developer at @Clearbit. We hope you'll take the topics from this podcast and continue the conversation, either online or in person with your peers. Twitter: @developertea :: Email:

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    Product Mindset w/ Jessica Hall (Part 2)

    Today's episode we're joined by Jessica Hall, Co-Author of the book Product Mindsetand in this part two of our two part interview with Jessica we talk about the career things she's most interested in right now and the three things that distinguish the folks she works with.

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    Product Mindset w/ Jessica Hall (Part 1)

    If you've worried about your job becoming automated or your looking for ways to grow into you next role, this episode with Jessica Hall is for you.

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    How To Be A Bad Manager

    In today's episode, we're looking at the things we want to do in order to become a bad manager and uncover the "why" behind bad manager's behaviors.

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    Imagining a Clearer Reality

    In today's episode, we talk about the difficulty of imagining an alternate reality, and how that affects our decision making for the future.

    Today's episode is sponsored by Barclays.

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    Digging Up Your Purpose

    In today's episode, we discuss the difficulty of finding your personal purpose, and the tension we can all feel when we can't put our finger on our purpose.

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